Pace Professional Resumes is a full service resume writing company that services clients within the private sector, public sector, non-profit sector, all industries, in multiple English speaking countries. Our mission is to provide job seekers with pertinent “inside knowledge” that is absolutely necessary in order to successfully navigate today’s job market. The art of job searching has evolved considerably and there are “new rules” to the game. Your resume should be specific to you, your skills, and your talent. As such, we don’t use generic phrases or formats; we customize appealing products that help you achieve your goals.

Top-Quality Products and Certified Expertise!

Our specialties include professionally written and enhanced resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and LinkedIn profile enhancements. We write for clients in every major industry—from accountants, to warehouse workers, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, and everything in between. Our writers have 10+ years of experience writing at every career level, from high school or college students, to C-Level executives, to retirees seeking a re-entry into the workforce. We have a particular expertise in assisting clients with government or military backgrounds in their transitions, as well as clients with interest in obtaining public sector employment.

All writers at Pace Professional Resumes are Certified Professional Resume Writers and in some cases possess multiple industry certifications. We put years of industry experience and specialized expertise to work to assist you in reaching your goals!

Invest in YOURSELF!

Many of our clients are able to increase their salaries by 10%, 20%, 30%, and sometimes even more after working with us! As an example, let’s say someone is earning $110,000 per year prior to coming to us. They purchase a variety of products with us, which total $500. Later, this person interviews and successfully lands a new job with a salary of $125,000 per year—a $15,000 raise. This one $500 investment will now generate an additional $15,000 per year each year for this client! Any business owner understands that some business profits must be reinvested into the business in order for it to continue to grow and thrive. Similarly, you must reinvest your earnings back into your personal development and career in order to progress! This can include things such as books, literature, training courses, conferences, professional resume assistance, and career coaching!

How does the Process Work?

Getting started is simple. We have a 3-step process:


Telephone Conversation

We begin with an engaging and personalized telephone conversation. This discussion serves as our listening session to listen to your personal situation, your goals, career history, job search challenges, and any other areas you’d like to discuss. We also take this opportunity for “fact finding,” gathering pertinent facts, figures, and details to ensure that your skills and goals are well stated and understood. Often, there are times when clients are involved in activities or organizations, or have accomplished feats that they do not realize could benefit their resume. We’ll use this information to create an appealing, interview winning resume that positively represents your brand.


Resume Creation and Review

After the initial consultation is completed, the certified professional resume writer will begin working on your resume, cover letter, and any other documents you have requested. Typically, after the first draft is completed there are additional questions or details that are uncovered during the writing process. The writer will then contact you with any additional questions they may have to ensure that your resume has complete accuracy and lists all of your positive attributes, highlights, and accomplishments. Once your resume and documents are created, they are intricately reviewed and proofread to ensure that they are written with flawless text that flows smoothly.


Delivery of Final Product(s)

You will receive your final products within 3-5 days from your initial consultation. Upon receipt, you have the opportunity to work with your writer to make as many adjustments or changes that are necessary for your complete satisfaction. When you love your new resume and are ready to utilize it, we’ll send the final version in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and ASCII plain text.

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What Career Level am I?


Graduates in Cap and Gown

Resumes for clients with 0-2 years of experience in any industry.


Resumes for clients with 2+ years of experience in any industry, not including executive level roles.


Resumes for clients at the Director, Vice President, or C-Level roles.


For academic, medical, or international clients with 2+ years of experience.


Resumes for clients with military or government backgrounds, including military veterans seeking a transition into civilian employment.

How do I get Started?

Once you’re ready to get started, go to the store section to place an order for the services you need. This will allow you to pay securely online with several payment options. You may also mail a check or money order to our mailing address, although this will delay the start of your service. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 911, Atlanta, GA 30303. Once you have made your payment, we will notified immediately.
Next, email the most recent version of your resume (if you have one) for us to review and work from. If you do not have one, we are able to build it from scratch. You may supplement any resume details by typing or pasting updates directly into the body of the email. You may also attach job descriptions from your current or previous positions, and even for positions that you are interested in. We have the ability to tailor your resume to specific types of positions or industries. Once we have your information, we will contact you for our initial telephone consultation.

Client Testimonials

It’s perfect

K. Hayes, Senior Sales Consultant

This resume pops…man you are a genius!

M. Jackson, Assistant Vice President

[Expletive]!!!!! This is hot! I am paying you extra, and I wish I could pay more! I am definitely pleased with my resume.

C.P. Moore, Business Analyst

Thanks for your assistance! If I know anyone who needs a resume, I will definitely send them to Pace Professional Resumes!

D. Thomas, Veterans Service Representative

This resume looks fantastic. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

K. Washington, Banking Vice President

Thanks for sharing your resume expertise, I truly appreciate your professionalism and candor.

H. Rawls, Senior Carrier Account Manager

Thank you so much for taking the time to enhance my resume as well as provide a cover letter.  From what I’ve read so far, I would hire this person right away! 🙂

S. Wesley, Advertising Solutions Representative

Thank you so much for your promptness and the resume looks great! I will definitely share your information with those who may need your help. Thanks again!

C. Burnett, First Grade Teacher

Thank you so much for the new resume! I love it! And I also appreciate the tips that you gave me as well, some of these things I did not know. I may decide to get the cover letter template from you but if I do decide to get that I will let you know. Once again, I really do appreciate it! You did an awesome job for a great price!!!!!!!

S. Hadrick, Senior Project Manager

I absolutely LOVE the resume and the cover letter. Thank you. I’ll admit that I was a little hesitant about what you were going to be able to do. I am beyond pleased!!! I was reading through the documents thinking, ‘I would hire me!’ 🙂 With this new resume, I am actually excited and confident about my job search.

D. Watson, Residual Market Specialist

I wanted to increase the amount of freelance work I was getting. So I contacted PPR to revamp my resume and get an in-depth consultation on my new client outreach process. Within a week of receiving both services, I had a new, very prestigious client in my industry. Within a month, I landed my highest paying client to date! Pace Professional Resumes was a crucial investment for me. It drastically changed my personal and professional brand visibility.

C. McKenzie, Business Account Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Rick on a recent resume revamp. I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed. I explained to him what I needed and he created a superb resume and cover letter. He made sure he knew what type of positions I was applying for, so that the skills in my resume closely reflected the jobs I was interested in. He was timely and very professional. I have received several interests for interviews as a result of the revamped resume and cover letter. I strongly recommend this service!

L. Tyler, Lead Security Analyst

Pace Professional Resumes provide excellent services. Their resume and career packages are affordable and well worth it! They have experience in the career-search industry, and it shows in their consulting. I’d gladly recommend them to anyone in need!

K. Wyzard, Sales Manager

I am very impressed with Pace Professional Resume Services and would highly recommend Rick to anyone who needs a resume upgrade!  Rick provides two resume versions and plenty of helpful advice for navigating through job search engines for a great price!

A.D. Holland, Senior Credit Manager

WOW thank you for all the information! No problem on the referrals and I have a LinkedIn account I just haven’t updated it in a while. I will be sure to do that and give you a stellar referral!  Thanks again, this is the best revision I have seen and I’ve had my resume rewritten at least twice before. Your tips on my job search and listing of recruiters is very much appreciated!

A. Gilles, Marketing Consultant

Rick has worked on my resume at 2 different times and I have been satisfied both times. The quality of the resumes that he has produced is second to none. I have paid a lot of money a few times to get my resume professionally done, to end up with no results. But with Rick working on my resume, I have always had call backs and interviews. I recommend Pace Professional Resumes to write your resume with no reservation.

M. Ellis, Territory Manager

In December of 2008, I applied for a prestigious position at a major telecommunications firm.  After applying, I received a notice that I was not selected for the position.  I went to a few friends that were in Human Resource positions at different firms, and asked for them to review a copy of the application and my resume.  They told me that the application looked good, but, I could improve on my resume. I contacted Mr. Rick Pace of Pace Professional Resume Services, and asked him if he could give my resume a complete makeover.  He made my resume the best I had ever seen.  I applied for the same position six months later.  Nothing was different this time around, other than my resume.  Literally 30 minutes after I submitted my application and resume, I was contacted by the company, inviting me for an interview.  I got the position!  I cannot express enough appreciation for the career advice and professionalism from Mr. Pace.

J. Taylor, Sales and Service Representative

Thanks so much Rick!!! Its great!! I just had an interview for a probations position with your resume and they absolutely loved it!! Thanks so much for doing this!! Its greatly appreciated…

E. Parker, Probations Officer

I must say that Pace Resume is a great resource. I’ve been working with several recruiters and all of them have mentioned the overall layout and professionalism of my resume to be nothing short of remarkable.

C. Campbell, Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant

Never in a million years would I have produced something so beautiful! I’m blown away and beyond excited about my resume. I am so grateful for you and your time. I can’t wait to tell you when I’ve landed a new job. I’m so excited. God Bless you and thank you so much (I mean that from my heart).

A. Hanks, ESL Teacher/Instructor

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